Luke seemed just like your average 3-year-old boy, aside from a few distinguishing factors.

He was a very cautious kid, never doing anything dangerous and while his mum thought that was a little strange, she didn’t really think anything of it.

Nope, it wasn’t until Luke started mentioning ‘Pam’ all the time, describing earrings he had ‘when he was a girl’ and describing how he himself died, that this Ohio family knew something was very, very wrong.

You see, Luke believes that he was once a 30-year-old woman called Pamela, who died in a fire and then came back as a little baby that his parents named Luke. As Luke grew older and could communicate more, he began disclosing more and more detail about his ‘other life’.


After his mother did some research, she discovered that Pamela was a real person, and that she had indeed died the way 5-year-old Luke described. She then put a photo of Pamela in amongst a group of other photos – and what happened next may shock you…

See Luke’s full story below… Perhaps just sleep with the light on!

Images via video.

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