A woman went to a thrift store jewellery sale at White River Junction Listen Thrift Store in Vermont, USA and bought a heart-shaped locket and she thought nothing of it until she looked inside…

What she found was completely unexpected, and she returned it to the store immediately – because it was somebody’s ashes!

She found a capsule inside the locket that contains what she believes to be ashes of someone long passed along with this note:

“May the solid brass urn contained in this locket hold the memories of your loved one keeping them close to your heart and bringing you comfort.”

Because of this, she returned the locket to the store who are on the hunt for the owner.

Now Merilynn Bourne, who has worked for Listen Community Services for over 20 years, said she’s on the hunt for the original owner.

“This sort of event has never occurred before,” Bourne said.


She is using the power of Facebook to track down the owners, but so far three people have come forward to claim it – which makes Bourne’s job hard to verify who is the real owner.

She is still overjoyed that the woman who bought it in the first place had enough integrity to return it.

Now the only question that remains is who does the locket really belong to?

H/T RedBookMag

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