Today on the show, Kyle and Jackie O brought back an oldie but a goodie in terms of segments. It’s called ‘Am I The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had’ and the concept is very simple. We call up your ex live on air so that you can ask them that very question.

And of course our hope is that chaos, awkwardness and possibly even a little bit of drama will ensue. Our victim today was Daniel, the unsuspecting ex-boyfriend of Roxanne who had signed up to partake in our segment.

At the start, everything was going great. Kyle and Jackie connected Roxanne and Daniel, and while Daniel had absolutely no idea why his ex-girlfriend whom he hasn’t spoken to for five year was calling him on live radio, he played along and they began to exchange pleasantries.

But eventually, Roxanne had to bite the bullet, and so she asked Daniel, “was I the best sex that you’ve ever had.”

Now as we said earlier, heading into this segment we were generally expecting the unexpected with the answer.

After all, the ex could have another girlfriend, which would definitely impact his answer, or he could just be brutally honest and tell her she was terrible in bed.

But what actually did come out of Daniel’s mouth, we could never have predicted, and the result was utterly HILARIOUS!!! Watch the video above to find out what happened.


Tune in to Kyle and Jackie O tomorrow from 6am to hear another round of ‘Am I The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had’. Let’s hope it’s as good as this one was!

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