What do you think of when you hear the word Halloween?

Trick or treating? Pumpkins? Costumes?

Well do you know what we think of? Kyle and Imogen’s EPIC annual Halloween party and guess what…this year, YOU’RE INVITED!

HOw You Can Get An EXCLUSIVE Invite To Kyle And Imogen’s Infamous Halloween Party

As dedicated listeners of Kyle and Jackie O you should know about these spooky bashes which are usually held at Kyle and Immy’s own home…But this year, they’re stepping things up a notch!


This year they’re hiring out a whole club to host ‘A Nightmare In Kings Cross’ and you bet that it’s going to be the party of the year! But don’t go getting FOMO just yet, because Kyle announced on air this morning that a few lucky listeners will actually get the chance to attend.


“Are we allowed to talk about your Halloween party? Because it’s not open to the public,” said Beau Ryan on air this morning during his Sports segment.

“It’s not, but I have decided at the last minute that next week on our show, we will give a double away each day,” replied Kyle.

For the chance to win a double pass make sure you set your alarms and you’re listening to The Kyle and Jackie O Show from 6AM on Monday morning!

But of course be warned, if you do happen to win tickets to this infamous event, costumes are an absolute necessity! And we usually go all out…

The whole team always goes above and beyond with their costumes but no one more so than Imogen herself. While her costume this year is a surprise, Kyle did admit on air this morning that she’s hired award winning costume designers to make her outfit.


“From what I can gather Imogen’s going all out,” said Jackie. “I saw her getting covered in like latex. What is the outfit she’s wearing?!”

“I can’t say what it is, but it’s epic,” responded Kyle. “These people have won academy awards that are doing the costume for Imogen. They’re building it all now.”

That’s right, for those lucky enough to attend, it’s time to step up your costumes this year!

Make sure you’re listening to the Kyle and Jackie O show every morning next week for the chance to secure your EXCLUSIVE tickets!