On air today, Will and Woody chose to join the worldwide discussion surrounding equality, feminism and the #MeToo campaign.
They tackled the issue with a certain degree of nervousness, aware of its sensitive nature, as well as the fear of saying the wrong thing. But, they tackled it nonetheless, and spoke candidly from the perspective of two males. Two males that both have a host of special women in their lives. Women they care deeply about. Women they respect. And they want to know how men can help. They want to know how men can best offer their support. 
It’s the biggest topic in the world at the moment, and following the women’s march in the USA yesterday, along with the chorus of opinions from prominent people across the globe, they have set out about finding their place, and the place of men in general, in the conversation. And to do this, they need the help of women.
Listen to their full discussion below, which includes some great insight from a female caller. And if you’d like to share your opinions, thoughts, or personal stories with us, don’t hesitate to write to us on Facebook.  
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