We’re all grown up now, and We’re ready to do some adult things. Like buy a house.

That’s right, we’re entering the homeowner’s market. And whilst this might initially sound a tad boring, think again. Because you’re way off the mark. Miles away, in fact. And we’ll tell you this, our dear friends, this house will be very much for you, and your enjoyment.

We will be buying a house for one reason, and one reason only: To throw massive house parties for our listeners. Imagine this, every single huge star that comes to town, we host them at our house party. Think Eminem. Think Ed Sheeran. It’s gonna be huge.

So, here is the plan.

1. Buy a big, knockabout house, on a few acres, in a semi-rural area.
2. Get the biggest musical acts in the world to perform
3. Invite listeners to party down with us

The opportunities really are endless. There might even be the opportunity for listeners to become tenants of the house. Or run it as a hostel for a while. Who knows? Time will tell!

But, there is a lot to happen before we purchase. We need to decide on a location, find the right house, get the funds together, and much more.


We’ll be talking about it on air, and asking for your help along the way. Check the podcast below (subscribe here), or tune in from 4-6pm Monday to Friday. We recommend getting on board for the journey, because these parties are going to be red hot, and we want you there! 

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