In recent times people have been questioning whether the eldest of the Kardashian sisters will be leaving the family’s hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Rumours have began circling that Kourtney would call it quits on the family biz after the latest episodes from season fifteen showed Kim and Kourt in one of their biggest feuds yet.

The massive argument began when Kourtney wouldn’t make the family’s annual christmas card photo shoot a priority in her schedule, leaving Kim super duper pissed.

In the latest episode teaser posted to the show’s official Twitter account over the weekend things appear to have escalated and tensions have reached boiling point between the sisters, with hints that Kourtney could make her exit from the long-running E! series for good.

“I don’t even want to be around my sisters. They just don’t have my back,” says Kourtney in the clip.


The footage then cuts to sister Kim who says, “She can’t commit to filming a season.”

A teary Kourtney then screams dramatically “I’m not up for it”, to which Khloe chimes in and says, “Then get out.”

The tweet caption added fuel to the fire saying “Tune in Sunday 9|8c to see what the future holds for #KUWTK”. 

But while it definitely looks like this massive conflict has taken over the Kardashian Klan, the family’s momager Kris Jenner says that there is no way Kourtney is leaving the show.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Kris completely shut down the rumours.

“It look like she wants out…do we think that that’s a possibility for Kourtney?” asked Jackie.


“No Kourtney actually, I think she was just going through what she was going through and that was a few months ago, it’s not exactly in real time as we see it back,” said Kris.

And while the argument may not be big enough for Kourtney to seriously consider leaving the show, Kris did say that it did cause strain on the family and she specifically was really hurt by it.

“I saw that played back and I could barely watch it it was so upsetting for me cause I never like to see my girls fight like that.”

So take a chill pill Kardashian fans it looks like Kourtney won’t be ditching the show. Whether that’s Kourtney’s decision or the momager’s though we’ll never know. She did look pretty darn upset in recent episodes…

But we guess sisters will be sisters and they’re always going to fight…ain’t nothing too big though to tear them away from their reality empire!

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