No doubt you’ve probably heard of ‘sexting’ before. It’s when you send someone you’re sexually interested in texts of a sexual nature. Even sexy photos.

Now, ‘frexting’, which means ‘sending sexy text messages to friends is becoming somewhat of a trend.

Here’s the thing – it’s for girls’ eyes only!

Yep, ‘frexting’ is the art of girls sending sexy photos to each other, to which the receiver replies with positive emojis. The whole thing is a confidence-building exercise designed to support and empower women.

An article on Bustle recommends replying the cat with hearts in its eyes, clapping or the dancing lady.

The plus? It allows you to be sexual in a way that you don’t have to care about so much, and if who you’re texting is a good friend, you don’t need to worry about them doing something vindictive with it later – like some ex boyfriends.

It may seem a little silly, but for some girls, especially younger girls, who rely so much on likes on Instagram and comments on Facebook to confirm their status, it’s a kind of instant gratification and bond that can boost a person’s self confidence no end.


Though it’s important to remember, you should always practice caution when sending anything of a sexual nature to anyone.

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