Some people just like to rant because they like to be heard – and seems to very much be the case for Jamie Higdon from Tennessee.

After failing to find her own ‘leggins’ in the morning, she decided to pop out to the shops to get another pair, but not before recording herself rattling off the ‘rules’ around wearing ‘leggins’.

“Nobody wants to see anything going up in any part of you, that stuff’s for the bedroom. It does’t need to be runnin’ around town.”

“Some of you like to use leggins as britches, as pants. If you can’t wear a top that covers your tail – you shouldn’t be wearing them.”

She then proceeded to talk about ‘leggins’ that were too tight; “If I can see your tattoo, they’re too tight. They’re called pantyhose, honey.”

See her full rant below…


Source: Daily Mail

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