Sometimes you see a photo that makes you scratch your head. When I was first told that this girl’s bikini photo had gone viral, I couldn’t figure out why at first.

Then I saw it.

19-year-old Isa-Bella Leclair, who is the girl pictured in the photo, has a genetic condition called Perkes Weber Syndrome that has caused her leg to swell to almost 18 kilos.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, the Canadian teen explained that she wanted to raise more awareness to the condition. She also said that she won’t let it stop her wearing a bikini and being proud of her body in summer.

Her condition causes lymphatic fluid to build up in her leg and impact her heart, which makes it work harder than it needs to.

As a result, Isa-Bella can’t wear shorts or clothing that’s too tight. She is currently in treatment to drain some of the fluid, which has already reduced the circumference of her leg by six centimetres.


Isa-Bella is also a beauty pageant winner and is working hard to raise awareness about her condition.

“My condition doesn’t define me and there’s no way I would let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress,” she told The Telegraph. “For me confidence is the most important part because when people see someone confident in their body – even with a disability – they don’t have pity but instead admiration.

“I think it’s important for people who have health issues to not only work on getting healthy but to work on loving yourself and accepting who you are. For me, beauty isn’t just on the outside. When I say someone is beautiful I see someone who makes you feel good when you’re around them.”

Source: Hello Giggles

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