A video of a mother creating bubbles with a handheld electric mixer while her baby was still in the bath has people outraged.

People are accusing her of putting her baby at risk of electrocution.

The video shows the mum making bubbles with the baby in the bath, and then the song Bubble Butt comes on while the baby dances.

“Electricity and water is always a smart idea,” a sarcastic commenter wrote.

“Just throw a toaster in for good measure,” another said.

“I wouldn’t use any electrical appliance in the bath tub with my baby…Why not make your bubble bath first.. THEN put the baby in it?” Another comment read.


The video’s description said: “We’re starting to collect material for his 21st reeeeal early.”

It would actually be really cute if we weren’t terrified for the baby’s safety…

H/T The Motherish

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