If you live in Sydney, you’ll know that bucketloads of tourists go out of their way to get the perfect nature shot.

You know, a whale jumping out of the water, a kangaroo – anything! Well, imagine having the shot of a LIFETIME happen right next to you, and you MISSED IT.

That’s exactly what happened to a bunch of tourists in the northern beaches earlier in the week.

An adult humpback whale put on a spectacular show off the beach while a group of tourists were sitting in a boat, just metres away… the only problem? They were looking the WRONG way.

The gut-wrenching moment was captured by British photographer and whale watching “addict” John Goodridge, who told the Daily Telegraph the tourists were a mere five metres from the whale.


“You can see the people on the boat looking the other way, they didn’t even see it breach,” he said.

“You can bet they heard it land though … that boat bobbed around like a cork.

“Those whales weigh about 40 tonnes, when they displace 40 tonnes of water it’s an incredible feeling.

“It’s very rare to shoot a whale that close to a boat which gives it some perspective.”

“Some people have asked me if there’s a trick of perspective with the image, but no, the whale was right next to the boat,” he said.

I don’t even know what to say, guys.


Source: News.com.au

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