When Aussie Icon and wildlife expert Steve Irwin died suddenly in 2006, he left behind a loving wife and two small children.

It’s been nine years since his death and a now 17-year-old Bindi is competing on the US Dancing With The Starts and her mum, Terri, 51, and 11-year-old brother are staying in L..A to support her. 

But Terri revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she won’t be looking for a new partner.

“I think I’ve had my happily ever after,” Terri said.

“I still feel immense love and loyalty to Steve. And I’ve got great kids, I’ve got a very full life, and while I’m lonely for Steve, I’m not a lonely person.”

The two met  in 1991 and quickly fell in love, marrying after eight months together in June 1992.

They filmed the pilot episode of their series The Crocodile Hunter on their honeymoon, and the show lasted for five years.


“I think if I hadn’t met Steve I probably would have never married. So that’s how unique our relationship was,” Terri shared.

“And I think for other people who have lost someone and have loved again, it’s a beautiful thing but it’s just not really on my horizon.”

“If we can talk about what we’ve experienced and it can help other people, it’s worth talking about,” Terri said.

Bindi remembered her father in a heartbreaking contemporary dance on DWTS.

Terri explained the true meaning behind the dance.


“That was so special because she was bringing everyone’s grief journey with her on her journey and saying, ‘You can lose someone and then find your joy again,'” she said.

I love you. Thank you for always being with me, wherever I go.

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