The world has rejoiced at the news that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting. 

But some didn’t take the news quite so well… Mainly due to the timing. 

And it’s not just the closeness to Eugenie’s wedding. 

The royals made the announcement via social media after landing in Australia to kick off their official tour.

But the date October 15 has a very significant meaning for many – and it relates directly to the topic of pregnancy. 

October 15 is also the National Date of Remembrance Of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. 



While most agree that the date would have been an oversight and that the royals would not have intentionally meant to offend, it hasn’t stopped some uproar. 

“I imagine they didn’t know. I think it’s as simple as that,” Ruth BEnder Atik of the Miscarriage Association told The Sun.

“For many people who have the deep sadness and grief of losing a baby, there was also that moment of joy when they wanted to announce their pregnancy.

“I can understand how people feel.


“It can be deeply hurtful but I have to be sure they had no idea of the significance of the day.”

But the emotional closeness of the situation obviously hit others at the core. 

Baby Loss Awareness Week also founded out yesterday. 

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