Dave was once a front runner in The Bachelorette, but he was brought down by some “fun facts”.

The 30-year-old plumber from New South Wales was a strong contender in the competition, but started to stumble in episode seven’s group date.

The boys were tasked with the challenge of preparing a meal for Sam – with each guy preparing a course.

Afterwards, the boys gave Sam some random “fun facts” – and she had to choose which fact applied to which guy.

While Dave’s fact was about knocking his teeth out when he was younger, Michael’s was a bit more emotional.

“My biggest fear is never finding my soulmate,” Michael wrote.

Dave began to withdraw and became annoyed that the other boys’ facts were more meaningful than fun.


And Sam told The Heckle podcast that this was the moment that sealed his fate.

“It’s a weird situation but the negativity did kind of drag him down and he was sort of introverted and closed up and it was really sad to see because he’s such a great guy,” she told the podcast.

“With Dave I do think he’s a legend and I’ve even spoken to him since. I have no doubts we’ll be mates on the outside.”

With Michael, Richie, Sasha and Alex in the Top 4, Sam will now go to their hometowns and meet their families.

“They were a bit reserved but towards the end they were all very lovely. I was sweating, I was anxious, I was a mess. It was awful,” she told the podcast.



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