We’ve had an inkling all along!

Sasha was the last man standing and the man that proudly gets to call the lovely Sam Frost his girlfriend after a hilarious yet emotional roller coaster ride on The Bachelorette.

And there’s no finale heartbreak here!

(Okay, maybe Michael may not be loving the outcome!)


Here are the reasons we think Sam and Sasha were made for each other:

1. Their chemistry was undeniable from their very first meeting.

Sasha handed her a napkin rose at their first meeting and Sam reciprocated giving him the first rose of the night.

He was one of the first to get one on one time with the 26-year-old and the first question he asked was about her family.

Big tick.


Sam & Sasha

“When it comes to the best first impression… it was definitely you.”Our Bachelorette has awarded her very first rose!

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia on Wednesday, 23 September 2015

2. First solo date – the Tango

There was no horizontal tango during the season for these two (athough Sam spilled the goss that there has been PLENTY after filming ended).

So they started their first date with just, well, a normal tango.

But there was some heat there.

It’s the dance of passion… We can definitely feel the chemistry from here!  #BacheloretteAU

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

3. And of course the early front-runner got the first kiss.

Okay, we know we are starting to sound like a broken record but Sasha did lock lips with Sam for the first time before any other boys.

And we kind of love that he remained tight lipped about his pash in front of the other boys – while others made a very big deal of getting intimate with the Bachelorette.

While we’ve definitely questioned his kissing style from afar, it seems Sam was VERY impressed.

Sealed with a kiss… The sparks are flying for Sasha and Sam! #BacheloretteAU

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4. Bonding over family members

One of the later dates saw the duo painting an interesting mural with money raised going towards the National Stroke Foundation – a charity close to both of their hearts.

Sasha lost his grandfather to a stroke, while Sam’s step-father was dealt the same fate, leaving her completely devastated.

The shared interest during the single date definitely came across and brought them even closer together.

“I definitely feel like our artwork represents the chemistry that was in the room.” Sparks definitely flew between Sasha and Sam on their colourful single date.

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia

5. The final chapter

From hometown visits to their last date skydiving, the pair have been getting closer and closer.

His family embraced her and certainly weren’t the most intrusive with their interrogation.

HOMETOWNS SNEAK PEEK: “I’m excited to show Sam my hometown!” The #BacheloretteAU tonight 7.30 on TEN!

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sasha was willing to take a ‘leap of faith’ facing his fear of heights and then he was there to comfort her after her blood pressure rose and she felt ill.

Stroking her hair while lying in the grass… that tipped us over the edge to support Team Sash.

Is it blossoming love for Sam and Sasha? The #BacheloretteAU tonight 7.30 on TEN!

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And the fact both live in Sydney must be a bonus.

They can now live life as a couple and test their love in the real world without worrying about distance and the inevitable question of who has to sacrifice their life and move.

We wish all the best for the happy couple and can’t wait to see their love blossom well after the show!!!

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