SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t know the last four words look away now!

The Fall episode of the Gilmore Girls: Year In The Life reboot was by far our favourite.

A visit from the Life and Death Brigade, all of Rory’s old lovers in one episode, Lorelei and Luke finally walking down the aisle and (love them or hate them) those final four words.

But there’s one key scene that flew under our radar. Until now.

In the final chapter, Rory is determined to write about the life of the “Gilmore Girls”, focusing on their dynamic as the inseparable mother-daughter duo.

It is only fair that she informed her father, Christopher, of the book, approaching him in the final episode for permission to use his life story to shape the novel.

But now that we know those final four words, their conversation means so, so much more.


Hold your breath…

All those pointed questions on how Chris felt about Lorelei raising Rory as a single parent…

“How did you feel about mum raising me alone?”


“How did you feel? What did you feel?”

“Is that why you weren’t there – that she made the decision and pushed you away?”

“Do you think it was the right decision that she raised me alone?”

Perhaps not about the book like we first thought when watching A Year In The Life.

First thing’s first. Rory doesn’t touch the mammoth sized coffee that Chris hands her at the beginning of their meeting. Surely that in itself is a huge indicator that the youngest Gilmore is aware that she’s with child.

On top of that, she is not in a relationship with the unavailable Logan. And is facing the prospect of being a single mum.


The questions came hard and fast. And Christopher basically confirmed her initial thoughts – Lorelei was destined to raise Rory as a single mum.

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino had always intended for the series to end with Rory admitting she was pregnant.

In recent interviews she also said that Logan was introduced so Rory could date a man like her father.

So it’s fitting that the series ends with Rory falling pregnant to Logan (at least we’re 90% sure it’s Logan) for the story to come full circle and to see Rory now facing single motherhood.


Re-watching the scene gives us all the feels.

Please let there be a second instalment of Gilmore Girls on Netflix so all of our questions can be answered! 

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