Holy Crap guys, after all this… Bachie could end up single!!

Tonight is the final episode of The Bachelor and the whole nation is dying to see who Blake chooses.

Could it be that the honeymoon is over before it’s even begun? Channel 10 has (just now) pulled all interviews with Blake and the winning Bachelorette, which could mean shit’s going down people!!

So here are a few theories on what could have happened;

Theory #1 (the most likely theory)
Blake proposes and the winning Bachelorette says no. Perhaps she wanted to take it slower and things just didn’t work out.

Theory #2
Earlier in the week we heard rumours the winner is pregnant and they’re wanting to keep it under wraps. Since Channel 10 could offer to do all interviews over the phone, I’d say this isn’t likely.

Theory #3
He or she found out something to do with their past and things turned sour.


Theory #4
Channel 10 has realised there is A LOT of interest in The Bachelor and decided to capitalise on this by airing their own exclusive interview.

Theory #5
The Bachelorette isn’t comfortable with all the media attention and wants to keep their relationship more private. I would say due to the fact that she signed onto a reality show this is also unlikely.

Whatever the case may be, Channel 10 has told us they will be releasing a statement tomorrow morning. Hopefully all will become clear then!

So stay tuned guys and I’ll fill you in on all the details as soon as we know.

Either way tonight’s episode is sure to be ah-mazing.

Jackie x



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