How’s the lockdown going? Yepppp, I feel ya.

It’s super easy to get the self-iso blues, yet Sydney was left feeling inspired after entrepreneur and Instagram star Gary ‘Vee’ Vaynerchuk joined The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The 44-year old motivational speaker, who made millions for his work in digital marketing, thinks the coronavirus pandemic presents us with a “once in a lifetime opportunity” because we’re able to be at home with our families, spend more time relaxing and taking up activities we’ve always wanted to.

“I’ve never seen so much good happening in the face of so much pain”, Gary told Kyle and Jackie O.

“Do you know how many people were destined to get hit by a bus, choke on a chicken bone, do something that was gonna hurt them, car accident – that got saved. Why do we always decide to look at the negative?” he continued.

Jackie confessed that with the current restrictions she was finding it hard to eat well and exercise, which let’s be real is pretty much all of us right now.

Gary Vee’s advice: “Eat more and stay unmotivated and enjoy the vacation because you’ll have your whole life to fix it”


YAY! Free pass! If the ‘King of the Hustle’, with 7.9 million followers on insta is telling us to kick back and chill for a bit, then who are we to disagree.

And truth be told, sometimes we forget that we’re experiencing “a global pandemic” so “take a step back, take a breath… stop beating yourself up”, Gary recommended to listeners.

No wonder Sydney loves Gary Vee because he’s pretty much the God of positivity. How about this gold nugget: “your brain and perspective dictate your life”, when it comes to coronavirus, whatever we “decide it is – it becomes”, he stressed.

It’s time to embrace self-iso, guilt free!

And if anyone questions you then send them two things: the link to this article and a selfie of you, curled up in front of the TV, eating a bucket of ice-cream.

Hear the whole chat with Gary Vee for yourself in the podcast below!


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