Look, the internet likes to come up with some pretty crazy things at times, but…

Zac Efron? On The Masked Singer? In WHAT world would we score him?

However you can see why the rumours are swirling, he’s been locked in and holding up somewhere on the NSW beachside during the pandemic.

Also he can sing, the man can sing.

Need I remind all of you of something called ‘High School Musical’? No? How about ‘Hairspray’?

We’ve even got Bachelorette contestant Georgia Love freakin’ out on Twitter!


When comparing last year’s contestants, Cody Simpson was a delightful surprise!

But Zac Efron is kind of a different league of celebrity right?

Would it be too much to hope?

Apparently not, because Channel 10 has already teased a “Hollywood star” as one of the singers!!

So fingers crossed, I hope everyone’s ready for The Masked Singer to begin on August 10th. 



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