If you’re a reality TV addict like us, then no doubt you not only watch the Aussie shows but the versions in other countries too!

Therefore you should be well and truly across the fact that Caitlyn Jenner just finished up a stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! UK, which funnily enough was actually filmed here in Australia.

While much of Caitlyn’s time in the jungle already made the headlines, when Caitlyn joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning we of course wanted to know all about her experience.

“I want to ask you about your time on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!,” Jackie said this morning. “How did you find that experience?”

Caitlyn explained that this wasn’t actually her first experience with the I’m a Celeb ordeal! In fact, almost two decades ago Bruce Jenner made an appearance in the jungle.


“Actually, you know I did it 16 years earlier,” Caitlyn told us. “I did the US version and I thought Bruce survived the jungle, but it was only 14 days because it was just a two week show, can Caitlyn survive?

“I was kind of curious.”

This sparked one VERY interesting question in Jackie’s mind. As we know, the big name celebrities are usually brought onto this sort of show with one pretty large pay check, and so Jackie wanted to know who was offered more – Bruce or Caitlyn?

“Can I ask, who got paid more for going on I’m a Celebrity, Caitlyn or Bruce?” Jackie asked.

“Good question!” Kyle exclaimed. “Got a lot of year in between though too.”

Caitlyn laughed before saying, “I plead the fifth! I plead the fifth on that one. I keep silence.”


While she wouldn’t give us the answer, she did hint that she made quite a bit this time around adding, “Put it this way, Caitlyn was very happy. Caitlyn was very happy.”

Later on in the chat Caitlyn went on to tell us the struggle she had in her mind during her time on I’m A Celeb this time around. Hear more in the podcast below!

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