“She’s All That” is one of the iconic teen movies of the late 90s / early noughties (yep, it was released in 1999, how old do you feel!)

We’ve watched it a million times over. Debated on who was better Freddie Prinze Jr or Paul Walker (*cough* Paul Walker all the way *cough*).

We’ve Wondered if Zack and Laney would have made it as a couple for more than a few months or if they would still be #relationshipgoals. 

But in all this time it somehow completely evaded us that Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, This Is Us) actually made a (small) cameo!

Milo was in fact one of the boys on the Junior Varsity team Zack (Prinze Jr) had come over to clean Laney’s house, so he could take her on a date. 



We have proof – fifth guy through the door. 

Makes us want to go back and rewatch the classic teen drama!

H/T HelloGiggles

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