A Friends reunion may be the thing of dreams but it doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce! 

And it seems like Matt Le Blanc remembers a number of his plot lines – and even some songs – from back on the day. 

While on The Graham Norton Show recently, he was forced to revisit these musical numbers and sing to a live audience. 

How could you forget Joey in FREUD the musical!! 

Even better… When Joey finds a hand double in a casino and thinks he has struck gold.

Does this sound familiar… “This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, no wait that’s your hand, oh no that’s my hand!!!!”


And turns out his rendition was right on key! 

FUN FACT – Joey’s hand twin, Tom Lennon in real life, is now co-starring alongside Matthew Perry (aka Chandler Bing on Friends) in The Odd Couple! Small world huh!

Only Joey… 

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