Paul LeBlanc has already told about how his son allegedly told him that he was hooking up with Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends and while she was married to Brad Pitt.

His son’s publicist has strenuously denied the claims.

Now Radar Online reports what LeBlanc actually thought of his co-stars.

Paul LeBlanc said despite Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry playing best friends on the show his son actually thought Perry was “an a**hole”.

“He wanted to pound on (Matthew Perry) a couple of times,” Paul LeBlanc said.

He reportedly didn’t have much time for David Schwimmer either.

“He thought he was kind of dry, a bit too serious,” Paul LeBlanc said.


However he “always liked Lisa Kudrow”, LeBlanc Snr says.

Paul LeBlanc has not spoken to his famous son for three years.

“I’d rather he was poor and be a human being. I’m obviously proud of what he’s achieved but he has no compassion,” he said. “The more money he makes the more ruthless he gets. He’s still my son but I’m very hurt by what he’s done and the type of person he’s become.”

“He’s not ‘Joey’ that everybody loves. On TV he’s a loving man, but in reality he’s not,” Paul LeBlanc said.

In LeBlanc’s current TV show Episodes, in which he plays an exaggerated version of himself, the former Friends star has a strained relationship with his on-screen dad who is portrayed as money-hungry and manipulative.

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