Most of us have something about our face that we want to change… But your facial features actually give you clues about your health – Did you know that?!

The Daily Mail spoke to experts who reveal the secret signs of your health in your facial features.


WHITE RINGS IN IRIS – White circles can show up in the iris if you have high cholesterol in your blood stream.

Another sign of high cholesterol is fatty deposits in the white of the eyes – this is known as pingueculas.

Small fatty lumps or pimples on the eyelids are also symptoms of high cholesterol.



SHORTENED TEETH – Those with thinner, shortened teeth are often affected by acid reflux – this is where stomach acid splashes up from the gut into the mouth – it can dissolve the teeth.

BLACK TONGUE – Papillae on the surface of the tongue periodically shed as normal – if you have a black or hairy appearing tongue, this means it isn’t shedding as normal and bacteria builds up – it can be a result of poor dental hygiene, or after a round of antibiotics.


YELLOW SKIN – This often indicates high blood pressure or diabetes, or can be a side-effect of some medications… It can also be an indication of jaundice or significant liver damage.

BROWN PATCHES – Melasma, which is characterised by brown or grey patches on the face, is caused by estrogen and can happen when a woman is pregnant or on the pill. It can occur on the face too when triggered by UV rays in sunlight.

WRINKLES – Deep lines in the face can be a sign of osteoporosis, which stems from a lack of calcium.


Many post-menopausal women in their 50s with deep wrinkles also had fragile bones.


WRINKLED EAR LOBES – A diagonal crease across the ear lobe is a risk factor for heart disease.


THINNING HAIR – In women, thinning hair can be a sign of overactive thyroid. Female baldness can also be a symptom of iron deficiency.

HAIR ON THE FACE – High levels of the hormone androgen can cause excessive hair on the face and acne. Facial hair can also indicate the beginning of menopause.


THINNING EYEBROWS – Loss of your eyebrow hair is a sign of an under active thyroid, meaning the thyroid doesn’t produce enough of the hormone thyroxine.


RED CHEEKS – This can indicate internal issues like Cushing’s Sydnrome, where there are excess levels of the hormone Cortisol.

Cortisol causes blood vessels to swell, and the upper body tends to be particularly affected.

PURPLE CHEEKS – Blue or purple cheeks suggest low levels of oxygen in the blood. This could indicate Pulmonary Hypertension – which is raised blood pressure in the arteries that supply the lungs, which means not enough oxygen is being transported around the body.

RASH – A butterfly shaped rash across the bridge of the nose and cheeks can be a symptom of lupus, which is an auto-immune condition causing fatigue and joint pain.



BUMPS ON THE NOSE – sarcoidosis, which causes scarring of the organs in the body, first makes itself known through red bumps on the nose and ears.

BIG NOSE – People with big noses are less prone to bugs! A study shows bigger nosed people provide a better barrier against dust particles and bacteria, because they have more nasal hairs which stop particles getting into the lungs.

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