Was anyone else watching Big Brother last night super confused by the challenge?

ICYMI, the all new Big Brother sees contestants compete in challenges where the winner gets the power to nominate three housemates for elimination. And last night’s challenge was kinda crazy.

Each housemate had a massive ice block with a flag hidden inside it – like seriously deep inside the ice. And basically they had to try and get the flag out using only their body or any item on their body.

Now we were sitting there thinking how on EARTH are they going to do this? We were sure it would take the whole darn episode for that big block to melt and release the flag.

On camera what we saw was the housemates using their clothes to rub against one spot on the ice to try and make a hole and eventually Garth went on to win the challenge. And we were kinda still left there thinking, like seriously, how?


But it turns out that there was a lot that we didn’t get to see from the challenge that was cut out of the episode.

Recent evictee Allan (who also claims he’s going back into the house) told us that housemates were actually allowed to keep going back inside the house and do things like soak their clothes in boiling water.

“What Australia didn’t see during that challenge, because it’s about three or four hours, we could actually run to the kitchen, boil water, soak your clothes in boiling hot water,” Allan told us.

“So yeah you could actually get water in the kitchen.”

“And people were doing that?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, yeah it was actually all part of the challenge,” he replied. “There was no issues with that.


“And then after an hour, coz yeah they have to jam pack this all into one episode.”

Well that makes more sense! But that also means that Allan could have used the cup of tea that Big Brother gifted him to melt his ice so we’re still a bit confused as to why he didn’t do that!

Either way we’re loving the new Big Brother challenge format! It continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.

Hear more from our chat with Allan in the podcast below!


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