For those of us who’ve seen Jurassic World, you’ll know that the movie finished with the strong possibility of a sequel.

Ahem, Dr. Wu and the stolen embryos?

So, many experts have been speculating what Jurassic Park 2, if created, would be about. I smell a villain coming on!

War could be an overriding theme, with Dr. Wu and his accomplise, the now deceased Vic Hoskins were keen to militarise the creatures for use of the government.

Oh, before he was eaten by a raptor, that is.

So, Dr. Wu may have to carry off his ingenius/evil plan alone.


What we’re also hoping is that Owen and Claire will be back and keen to kick some dinosaur-menacing ass! That is, if they can stop a giant T-Rex that’s been further changed and upgraded, so to speak.

OH, speaking of Owen, Chris Pratt’s character, let’s talk about the crazy theory going around the internet that Owen is actually the little boy who received the lecture from Sam Neill’s character, Dr. Alan Gran – just all grown up!

This could make sense, seeing as Own is SUCH an expect on Raptors in Jurassic World, and perhaps he learned from the best in Jurassic Park?

Not sure who we’re talking about? Check out the scene below…

Video via Brandon Blake Youtube


Image via Youtube

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