Sophia was in pain going through labour with her daughter, but nothing could pull her away from ‘her friend, the machine’.

On the day the New Zealand woman gave birth, she had been playing the pokies for nine hours straight.

‘I’d gotten into a terribly lonely place, a solo mother on her own and about to have a baby,’ she told Seven Sharp

The most important thing she could do was sit with her friend, the machine, and tap, tap, tap, tap.

Her pokie addiction cast a shadow over her life for 13 years and she believes in that time she poured a fortune into the machines.

And it all started with a win.

‘I put in $20 and I got a free spin straight away and then I won the jackpot, $996,’ the mum said.


‘After that it was like, ” Can I do it again? Can I do it again? Can I do it again?”‘

That glimmer of hope had Sophia addicted, but she says the money she won does not even compare to the amount she lost.

She has now recovered and has poured her energy into creating art.