You know when you’re awaiting a reply from a friend you’re fighting with, or a person you have a HUGE crush on and you see those INFURIATING three little dots on your screen?

They cause anxiety and stress by the bucketload – and they don’t actually mean what you think they do.

You probably think that the person on the other end of the phone is constructing a really long, thought-out text, filled with exclamation marks and witty points of view – but they’re almost definitely not.

According to a report on Buzzfeed, the people over at Slate have done a little research – and have struck texting gold.

A side-by-side test shows that the typing indicator (or, the three little dots) appears and lasts for 60 seconds regardless of how long you’re typing or if you stopped typing altogether.

It’s not real time people! There’s a whole minute to contend with.

So you should can the stress and anxiety asap!

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