Sabrina The Teenage Witch was every teenage girl’s (in the early 2000s) favourite TV show.

Just to take you back…

Sabrina Spellman was a teenager with magical powers who came from a long line of witches. Until going away to college, she lived with her wacky aunts, who would teach her to use her witchcraft wisely and Salem the talking black cat, who always had a scheme up his paw. The series was based on a 1960s comic-book series of the same name and an animated TV series that originally aired in the 1970s.  

It’s been quite a few years since Sabrina The Teenage Witch was airing on TV and the cast have all changed quite a bit!

1. Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina Spellman)

After seven seasons, she said good-bye to the character in 2003. She finished ninth in Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and returned to the sitcom world with Melissa and Joey opposite fellow ’90s legend’ Joey lawrence in 2012.


2. Nick Bakay (Salem Saberhagen)

Everyone wants to know where Salem the cat is at now! While we don’t ACTUALLY know where the cat is at, the voice of Salem was Nick Bakay. He since voiced Norbert in The Angry Beavers and later co-wrote Paul Blart: Mall Cop and its sequel. 

3. Caroline Rhea (Hilda Spellman) 

Hilda played Sabrina’s fun-loving aunt in all seven seasons. She since hosted The Biggest Loser for three seasons and later voiced Linda Flynn-Fletcher in 201 episodes of Phineas and Ferb from 2007-2015. 


4. Beth Broderick (Zelda Spellman) 

Beth was the ‘brainy’ aunt Zelda for the first six seasons before the character sacrificed her adult years to bring back Sabrina and thus became a child again. Since then, she played Kate’s estranged mother in Lost and as Rose in Under the Dome. 

5. Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) 

Harvey played Sabrina’s true love. However he hasn’t acted since 2006 and instead turned to music, releasing his debut album of vintage folk titled Halogen Moon in 2012. 


6. Jenna Leigh Green (Libby Chessler) 

Jenna played Sabrina’s snobby cheerleader enemy Libby for the first three seasons before vanishing for good. Since then, she has focused mostly on theatre work and appeared in Wicked on Broadway for several years in the mid-2000s. 

7. Paul Feig (Mr. Pool) 


The man who directed Bridesmaids indeed, played Sabrina’s favourite teacher. Melissa McCarthy has become his muse, as he also directed her in Spy and The Heat. 


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