Last night’s Block Grand Finale Auction Day was a HUGE success. 

With the contestants taking home between $349,000 to $755,000!

What do they plan on doing with their winnings? 

Dean & Shay 

After pocketing $755,000, The Block champions Dean and Shay Paine are going home – to renovate.

The childhood sweethearts were crowned champions of the reality show on Wednesday night, after their stunning Melbourne penthouse auctioned for $2.3 million.

After three months of arduous renovating and with the winnings fresh under their belt, you might imagine they’d want to down tools for good.


But it’s one of the first things they’ll reach for when they return home.

“We’re going home to finish renovating. We’ve got a guttered bathroom and an unfinished deck. And we need to do lots of painting,” Shay told AAP.

“We’re a sucker for punishment.”

The couple’s South Yarra penthouse was set at a reserve of $1.645 million, a price they initially thought was steep.

Although proud of what they achieved, they never believed they’d win.

“We had a good apartment, our finishes were good. But the competition was high,” Shay said.


While Dean says his trade background did help, it was also important to work together with other trades as a team.

“That was one of the biggest keys to our success for sure,” he added.

But it was no easy ride as sleep deprivation in the race to finish took its toll.

“Once it hit Thursday, you were lucky to get two hours sleep and definitely the night before (room) reveal we never slept at all,” Shay said.

“When you’re sleep deprived it’s really hard to function properly. You just have to keep going.”

Taking home the $655,000 profit above the reserve, plus $100,000 in prize money, means the couple are a step closer to their dream of buying land to build a farm outside Newcastle.


“We might finish our house then buy something even smaller and renovate that. Then have a think about the land in about 12 months. And have a nice big house and maybe some more kids,” Shay said.

They conceded that dream was some time away. Meantime, they have launched a new design business that Shay will concentrate on after leaving her teaching job to go on the show, while Dean will also go back to his electrical business.

“Definitely that amount of money is life changing, no matter which way you look at it,” he said. “It can give you some great opportunities. Really, we’re trying to take a step ahead with it.”


Kingi & Caro

Townsville couple Kingi & Caro had appartment number 1 on level 2. They took home a profit of $405,000. 

Their auction was first, setting a precedent for all the auctions. 

They plan to renovate their home in Townsville and also potentially extend their family.


Whitney and Andy

Prior to the auction of Whitney and Andy’s level 3 apartment, the ‘tinder couple’ who had been dating for two years revealed they had in fact decided to part ways but remain great friends. 

They took home $390,000 ($195,000 each). Whitney will be using part of the money to pay off her parents mortgage and Andy intends to do some travelling. 


Suzi and Vonni

Gold Coast glamour mums Suzi and Vonni earned the lowest profit of $349,000 when their apartment sold for $1.829 million. 

But it wasn’t before Suzi revealed during Wednesday’s grand final program she had sought help for personal issues.

Photos of Suzi Taylor emerged earlier this month and were reportedly taken on Oaks Day when she was in Melbourne for the Cup Carnival.

The following Monday she was found unconscious on the set of the reality renovation show and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

“If I caused anyone any embarrassment I totally regret it,” Taylor, 44, said.


“I encourage anyone else out there going through any sort of depression in their life to seek support.”

Vonni is ecstatic because she had been promising her daughter, Lilliana, they two of them would go on a cruise after the show and Scotty Cam announced he’d be sending all The Block couples and their families on a cruise over summer! 

Suzi wanted to take her kids to Disneyland and can definitely do that, taking home $174,500. 


Luke and Ebony

Fans of reality show The Block were left on the edge of their seats when it appeared a kindly move by Luke and Ebony to stage their auction last almost backfired during Wednesday’s finale.

The drama unfolded when the West Australian siblings agreed to swap the order of their auction from first to last, after a request from Townsville’s Caro and Kingi.

Luke and Ebony had agreed the Queenslanders were at a disadvantage being on the lower floor of the apartment building. “We’re a bit higher. We’ve got the open plan living. Hopefully we can still do alright,” Luke reasoned.

But the gesture of generosity made for the final episode’s most nail biting moment when bidding for the pair’s sub-penthouse apartment stalled early on.


When it appeared as though the pair would walk away with a tiny profit of $50,000, hearts almost stopped across the country.

“This is brutal,” tweeted Nick Carr.

“Smart move going last…. NOT!” posted @sachbrush.

“Oh no I can’t even watch,” said @little_freedia.

“Considering how generous it was of @LukeAndEbony to swap spots in the order I hope they smash this,” offered Em.

“Luke and Ebony you guys deserve some awesome Karma for your unselfishness. Good luck!” tweeted Cathy Crawley.


However, after an excruciating lull in bidding, the results quickly turned in the pair’s favour.

Their apartment sold for $2.2 million, earning them a cool $640,000 in profit, just $15,000 shy of winning top prize.

It caused some lashed Nine for “evil” editing.

“OMG the people who edit The Block, you almost killed me,” tweeted Shelley James.

“Sucked in everyone,” wrote @nonsensiblekate. “Australia breathes a sigh of relief,” summed up Natasha Price.

The siblings said they’d use their winnings to help out their Mum, Dad and Sister. 


Source: AAP

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