Did your suburb make the top ten list of ‘sexiest’ areas in Australia? 

EliteSingles have teamed up with psychologists and university professors to determine which suburb in Australia has the highest libido. 

More than 25,000 participated in the survey which then went on to be analysed by top academic professionals. 

The question?

Do you have a high sex drive?

NSW and Victoria suburbs came out on top with five and four suburbs respectively in the top ten. 

Broadbeach on the Gold Coast also made the list. 


Ultimately if you live near a body of water, your suburb is more likely to be near the top of the list. 

Maybe it is something in the water! 

Although it has us very curious about the retirees that flee to the Gold Coast to retire… maybe there’s something they are not telling us… 

Highest libidos:

1. Coogee, NSW
2. Manly, NSW
3. South Melbourne, VIC
4. Cronulla, NSW
5. Port Melbourne, VIC
6. Broadbeach, QLD
7. Darlinghurst, NSW
8. St Kilda, VIC
9. Bondi, NSW
10. Brunswick, VIC

Sorry to the unlucky few inland folk who rated much lower in the survey… 


Lowest libidos:

1. Shepparton, VIC
2. Caboolture, QLD
3. Sunbury, VIC
4. Glenroy, VIC
5. Albury, NSW

H/T: Pedestrian TV

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