We all know that Russell Brand has never been afraid to voice his opinions, but this time – he may have gone too far.

According to a report on Cosmopolitan, Katy Perry is being used as part of Russell Brand’s stand-up in his new documentary ‘Brand: The Second Coming’.

The Mirror have revealed that he ‘takes the piss’ out of her accent and portrays her as an air head. “I’m associated with the very thing that I detest: vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity.

That’s the very sea we’re swimming in … ‘Oh, who’s he? He’s married to Katy Perry.'”

His good friend Noel Gallagher also cameos in the documentary, and says; “[Russell] calls me up once and says, ‘What happens when she wants to watch a film and I want to watch another film? It’s doing my head in!’ And I was like, ‘Just let her watch the f****** film’. I knew at that point this ain’t gonna go much further.” Ouch…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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