I used to be the biggest FRIENDS fan ever. I still kind of am – I’m always watching re-runs whenever I get the chance.

One thing I always thought was, ‘How Ross’ son Ben looks nothing like him?’. I know Ben’s mum is blonde, but Ross and Monica had very dark hair and I couldn’t help but think they didn’t look matched.

However alike they looked, Ben was VERY cute!

His blonde hair and gorgeous features made women everywhere clucky to have kids. The cuteness was almost too much!

So, now Ben is all grown up – and we tracked him down to see what he looks like now – and it’s still good!

Italian born Cole Sprouse – yes, Italian born – is now 22 and he has an identical twin brother!


In fact, he and brother Dylan are the twins from the Disney show, ‘The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody’! Mind BLOWN.

Check out Dylan explaining why they left the show…

Also, see the sweet pic of Cole and Dylan graduating from University! Kicking goals, guys!


Video via Moralite Youtube and JMcLOvU Youtube

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