He’s the man that could be described as a modern day Hugh Hefner, known for always having a flock of the best looking women on his arm and living the most lavish lifestyle you could possibly imagine.

Dan Bilzerian, an American Internet personality and gambler, is often seen posting about his playboy lifestyle on Instagram and his parties are simply infamous. But what is it really like to hang out with him at one of his bashes?

Kaitlyn Isham, who actually appeared on the reality TV show Seven Year Switch here in Australia, managed to snag herself an invite to the launch party of Dan Bilzerian’s Marijuana company.


She spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, telling us how she managed to get invited to the exclusive event, what it was like to meet Dan and just what goes down at one of these events. 

Hear about Kaitlyn’s experience of what she described as one of the best night’s of her life in the video above!

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