For the past few years Belle Gibson has built a business around the fact that she had cured her terminal brain cancer with diet and natural therapies. However just recently she admitted that she lied.

Before the truth came out Belle was an inspirational figure with over 200,000 social media followers, a book deal, and an app endorsed by apple. Because of Belle’s influence it means, unfortunately, people would have made choices about their cancer treatment based on her advice.

Now, The Australian Women’s Weekly had just revealed what it’s really like to interview Belle Gibson. 

They revealed “At first, she seems gullible, muddled and emotional. She tells stories that are frustratingly vague, unverifiable and sometimes far-fetched.” 

Belle was apparently unable to ever provide details for interviewers such as the names, locations and dates of her diagnosis and treatments. 

They also added up that her behaviour didn’t seem rational, “Why, for example, did she never have a brain scan? Wasn’t she terrified to find out she was pregnant with her son after allegedly being given months to live? Why would she devote so much time and energy into developing The Whole Pantry app (including time away from her son) if she believed she was dying?” 

Belle blames a lot of her unusual behaviour on the “fact” that she didn’t have a parent figure to guide her. She claims she left home at age 12, however The Weekly was unable to find anyone who could confirm these details.


The Weekly claims that the only certainties about Belle, is that she is “a troubled young woman. She feels she’s been unfairly treated. And her spectacular fall from grace makes it unlikely she will exert such powerful influence in the field of alternative health ever again”. 

Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly 

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