Image: Instagram

While posing in a field for Another Man magazine, Harry was brought to tears, but it wasn’t because of the loss of those long luscious locks, the haircut rumoured to have taken place moments before this shoot, the real story behind it might not be what you would think.

Founder of the mag Alister Mackie has revealed all to MTV.. “That day felt really spiritual because Ryan (the photographer) is so quiet and charming, and they really connected. Harry cried because he has really bad hay fever – and, while I was freaking out that his face would swell up, Ryan just kept it going.

“It ended up being so beautiful to see him crying like that – and when you work with someone as spontaneous as Ryan, that’s when those magical moments happen.”

So he’s a sweetie AND a trooper for pressing on with the shoot, and what a magical result they achieved.

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