Image: Derek Low

Singapore Airlines is the proud operator of the most luxurious class of flying that is commercially available, their Suite Class.

The Suites go beyond just having a seat that converts into a flat bed, by offering the passenger a fully enclosed private cabin. And if you’re lucky enough to have a vacant suite next to you, they can be combined to offer you your very own double bed in the sky to sleep on.

Engineer and Blogger Derek Low didn’t have a spare $23,000 for the Singapore to New York airfare in a Singapore Airlines Suite, but he did have a heck of a lot of frequent flyer miles saved up.

And he used them well.

Derek used his points to book the $23,000 airfare and he documented his entire journey for everyone to see. And it looks amazing.

You don’t check-in at the regular counter when you’re flying “higher than First Class”.


Your Suite Class booking also comes with an invitation to ‘The Private Room’.

Would you like some lobster before you board the plane? Sure, why not.

We’re now being taken to our private suite…

If you don’t have a neighbour, two suites can be combined.


And of course, only the finest, most luxurious brands are provided for your use.

Your own double bed in the sky.

Life is good.

Yes, I will have some more lobster for breakfast too please!

We’ve only shown you a glimpse of the amazing documented journey, click here to see Derek’s full blog entry and his amazing experience.


Images/source: Derek Low

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