We’re counting down the days until the all new season of Big Brother airs on Channel Seven and to help us, each day they’re releasing all new teasers and looks inside the house.

And the latest teaser released by the show certainly doesn’t disappoint!

They’ve given us our first proper look at the all new housemates entering the house and the whole new version of the game and honestly this just makes us even more excited for the premiere!

While we’ve met each of the housemates on the BB socials already, this video gives us our first glimpse at their personalities and how they will interact with one another.

We’ve also got more of a look at the various challenges that Big Brother will give the housemates each episode, and honestly some of them look like something straight out of Survivor!

So by the looks of things, this season is going to be VERY entertaining!


We’re also calling it now, Angela is going to be our fav housemate. We can just feel it!

Check out the trailer for yourself in the video above!

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