Being an adult is hard, you guys, so it really doesn’t help when head-smackingly obvious moments like this come along and make us question what else we’re not exactly nailing.

Because your Post-It note peeling technique is, unless you’re thirteen steps ahead of the rest of the world, totally incorrect.

The jaw-dropping revelation was brought to our attention by Martin Schapendonk, who is here to right your wrongs in any way he can.

In Martin’s own words: “While doing my work in a lean and agile way, I work with sticky notes quite often. When sticked to a wall or whiteboard, it is quite crucial that they do not move until I want them to.

“Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the sticky notes fall down to the ground… What a disaster!”

Not all superheroes wear capes you know.

So let’s start with the basics: Normally you grab the bottom corner and pull up, right?


Images via Martin’s blog

Wrong. That’s how you get a curled-up sticky note that will, at best, hover in quite an unhelpful way on your otherwise-organised wall planner or, and this is the worst case scenario, tumble off the board entirely.

And no-one wants that. 

According to Martin, the best practice for optimal sticky note stickiness is to pull from the upper half of the side, like this.


Now your Post-It note will lie flat and perfect and make you look like you have your life entirely and utterly together.

Mind blown.

Thanks Martin!

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