We’ve all dreamt about it. Opening up our front door to find Justin Bieber standing there, probably in a suit and probably holding out a rose, singing arguably his best song of all time to you, ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.

Oh, that’s just us..? Moving right along then…

But seriously, this is something that could actually come true for one lucky person as the Biebs has announced he’s auctioning off a once in a lifetime experience.

Taking to Instagram, JB announced that he’s taking part in the ‘#ALLINCHALLENGE’ to help raising money for those in need.

“What’s going on guys, Justin here, I just wanted to say that I am going to join the all in challenge,” Bieber says in the video post.

“I am going to auction off a cool experience where I fly to the winner’s home and I sing them ‘One Less Lonely Girl’. I think this could be a cool opportunity and it would be fun for me.

“It would also help a lot of people in need right now during this time. I appreciate you guys.”



Okay first things first. If Justin Bieber actually flew to our house and serenaded us with this song we think we would actually drop dead right at the front door.

Secondly, we reckon there’s going to be some stiff competition out there, so if you’re interested you just go to allinchallenge.com/justinbieber for more details on how to win.

Basically you donate money and depending on how much you donate this determines how many entries you get.

Once the winner is chosen a date will be agreed upon for the meet-and-greet “when it is safe to do so”, so basically after the whole global pandemic thing dies down.

There’s a few terms and conditions, and from a quick glance it doesn’t specifically say that you have to live in America to win, but we would certainly have a thorough read through of the T&C’s before purchasing any entries.


But all in all, what a pretty epic thing! All of the money raised goes directly to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry.

At the end of his video, Justin nominated Chris Brown, Kanye West and Chris Pratt to do the challenge too so let’s wait and see what they offer up to help raise money for those in need!

Also just because we know this is stuck in your head now, please enjoy the 2009 hit ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ on repeat…

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