This morning Channel 10 announced their new Bachelor!

And despite all the rumours going around, it was a real blindside to find out that Locky from Survivor would be our leading man handing out roses this season.

Following the announcement, Locky joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show for his first interview ahead of starting this journey to find true love.

Now, if you’re not a mega Survivor fan, you might not know a lot about Locky Gilbert. But let us just say this, if you are single ladies, GET YOUR APPLICATIONS READY!

Because seriously we’re calling it now, Locky is going to be our BEST BACHIE YET! Big call we know, but hear us out.


First of all, while it’s not the most important thing, Locky is VERY easy on the eyes. He’s the true definition of tall, dark and handsome.

Joining Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning Locky had swapped out his Survivor buff and board shorts for a suit and boy did he look mighty fine… He also told us that he’s 6ft 5 ladies! That’s MEGA tall and basically means that if you want a guy that’s taller than you, he fits the bill 100%.

Looks aside, Locky is so down to earth, cheeky and just honest!

While speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O show about starting filming, he told us that he’s “sh*tting himself” but he’s keen to just be himself and “do some crazy sh*t”. If that’s not just pure, down to earth honesty, we don’t know what is.


And better yet, we can tell that he’s really here looking for love! While our last down-to-earth, larrikan Bachie may have disappointed us all by not picking anyone *cough* HONEY BADGER *cough* we get the feeling this isn’t going to be the case with Locky.

“I want to find someone I can marry,” he told us this morning.

Be still our beating hearts!!

We’re definitely sold on this Bachelor casting! But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Listen to our full chat with the 2020 Bachelor Locky in the podcast below!

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