If you, like me, think you’re a texting King and an emoji Queen all wrapped into one awesome little package – then you’re in for a wake-up call.

It seems that we have been using many of our favourite emojis wrong – for AGES!

Yep, you’re about to get some emoji education dropped on you, so hold on tight.

Take, the SLEEPY emoji

The emojis above represent being ‘sleepy’ across different devices, according to Unicode. Yep, the snot bubble/upset emoji can’t be used in those ways any longer – well, not if you want to use them right. Sleeping only.

The one on the far right hand side is the suggested change (you know, if you want an emoji that ACTUALLY looks sleepy.)


Face of triumph

Yep, the emojis above are all supposedly meant to represent a face of triumph. I know, WHAT!? To me, and probably most other people, they look like someone getting REALLY angry – but Unicode says no. Like with the ‘sleepy’ emoji, the one on the far right is the suggested change.

Weary Cat Face

In one of the most shocking revelations by Unicode, they insist that the weary cat face actually represents a cat that is tired, not horrified! Well I’ll be damned…



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