Well it looks like Australia just found it’s own version of Donald Trump after one wannabe politician from the Eastern Suburbs has promised his electorate something absolutely insane if he is to be elected in the upcoming bi-election.

Robert Callanan, who is the candidate for Wentworth has promised those living in the eastern suburbs that he will keep those living in Western Sydney out of the area and more specifically out of their tourist hotspots, like Bondi beach.

And how does he plan on doing so? Well Robert told Kyle and Jackie O this morning during a rather heated discussion that he hopes to build a wall. Yep. A wall to keep Westies out of Bondi Beach.

Wannabe Politician Robert Callanan Wants To Ban Westies From Bondi Beach

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Robert told us that he dislikes people from the west because he believes they are often the cause for fights in his area.

“What do you dislike about western suburb people coming to visit Bondi Beach?” asked Jackie.

“I think the people that come to Bondi Beach cause some significant issues,” said Robert. “They fight with the lifeguards and things like that…I have witnessed some of the activity, and I think it’s inappropriate. It needs to be addressed.”


Due to his dislike of the supposed behaviour that Robert seems to think only stems from Western Sydney people, he has promised to stop them from visiting Bondi Beach.

When we asked how he could possibly manage this, Robert said that he would probably build a wall if he had the capacity to do so.

“If I was Trump I would probably build a wall,” revealed Robert. “But I’m not Trump so it’s a little bit difficult for me to build a wall…If I could build a wall I’d build a wall.”

While this wall might be a little out of reach for Robert’s plans (and just slightly insane) to keep out the westies, he said he instead hopes that people will be drawn to stay in more rural areas with the introduction of his new infrastructure project.

“I actually have a large water infrastructure project that will create 20,000 jobs in regional areas and so you would end up with a migration out of the capital cities into the regional areas and so some of those westies might move out there and get a job,” explained Robert.

“It’s a little bit unfortunate that I can’t build a wall to keep people out but this is the next best thing.”


Now of course we wouldn’t blame you if you’re feeling pretty fired up after reading this so far. Who does this bloke think he is monitoring who can visit a public beach?

But not to worry! Producer Pedro, who lives out in the western suburbs, had a lot to say to Robert on behalf of the westies.

“As a kid, growing up, going to Bondi was like going to Hollywood,” explained Pedro. “Your eyes would open up bright…you can’t stop that man. We’re going to go.”

Even Jackie, who is actually from the Eastern Suburbs herself, was sticking up for the people from the west!

“Don’t you think everyone should be allowed to visit Bondi Beach?” she asked. “It’s such a great place! How can you say that some people are welcome and others aren’t?”

But Robert didn’t agree. He said that he was sick of seeing people get into fights down at the iconic beach.


“I don’t think having fun should be illegal, but when you get down to the fighting and things that’s exactly what I don’t like,” he said.

What do you think about Robert’s ideas? Judging by some of the calls we got after his segment we’d have to say that surely not very many people will agree with his extreme way of thinking!