If Chandler Powell wasn’t firmly part of the Irwin family before, he is now. 

Bindi Irwin’s American boyfriend was initiated into the Irwin clan with his first crocodile jump! 

Powell joined the family on their annual croc trip through the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and took to it like a duck to water. 

The 19-year-old wakeboarder seemed pretty impressed with himself and his new skill, too. 

“Cannot describe how excited I am to have jumped my first saltwater crocodile,” he wrote on Instagram with a pic of him in action. 


“Stanley was 9 feet 10 inches long and was last caught in 2013.

“Blessed to be a part of this awesome work.” 

Here’s another shot from my first croc jump! By far the most amazing feeling in the world. Can’t wait for more!

A photo posted by Chandler Powell (@chandlerpowell) on

Of course Bindi was on hand to measure the large croc. 

And the couple continue to gush about each other on Instagram, indicating their relationship is red hot!


Ah, young love! 

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