Buckle up Australia, one of our lesser popular states may be free to legally grow and smoke marijuana by the end of the year, thanks to a private member’s bill introduced by Labor MLA Michael Pettersson.

Under the bill, It will be legal for an individual to possess four naturally cultivated cannabis plants, and possess up to 50 grams of weed for personal use.

At the moment, the bill has the support of both the Labor party and the Greens, which means that they hold the majority required to pass the bill in the ACT’s legislative assembly. 

The reasoning behind the legalisation of cannabis revolves around the need to change attitudes to weed, particularly medicinal marijuana. 

The current bill will make it legal for a person to cultivate up to four plants, but only if it hasn’t been ‘hydroponically’ cultivated or grown “with the application of an artificial source of light or heat”.

The reasoning behind this is that it is easier to grow large amounts quicker using hydro lamps, which could result in individuals growing more than the legal amount needed for personal use. 

However, the Greens have requested to remove this exclusion stating that “almost all the cannabis consumed in the ACT is cultivated artificially and growing through more ‘natural’ means is not viable for a significant portion of the year in the ACT’s climate.”


The Greens are also striving to increase the legal amount for those using weed for medicinal purposes. 

Pettersson has revealed to Pedestrian TV that it is likely that the bill will be voted on at the “middle of the year”, and believes it could be implemented before the end of the year.