Sad news today!

One of our favourite television grandmas has passed away… 

The beloved ‘rapping granny’ from the Wedding Singer, Ellen Albertini Dow, passed away over the weekend, age 101. 

Ellen was born in 1913 in Pennsylvania and her passing was confirmed by Deadline, through her agent. 

“Ellen had a huge heart and loved making everyone laugh and smile,” her agent Michael Greene told Deadline.

“We will miss her greatly, and we will always remember her for the laughter she brought us all.”


You may also remember her in the Wedding Crashes as a foul-mouthed grandmother. 

Ellen also made an enviable number of guest appearances on popular TV shows and movies including Will and Grace, New Girl, Hanna Montana, Family Guy, Cold Case, Six Feet Under, Scrubs, Just Shoot Me, Suddenly Susan, Seinfeld, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sister Act 1 and 2, The Twilight Zone and more. 

The talented actress began her career as a dancer and pianist, obtaining a BA and MA from Cornell University. 

She worked with a range of incredibly talented people throughout her career and went on to become an acting coach before making her debut in film. 

Ellen was also known for her diminutive stature, standing at only 4′ 11”. 


Our thoughts are with her family and friends as we remember the lasting legacy she left on the acting community. 

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