When this 15-year-old was asked to write and perform a persuasive speech, she chose a topic she was passionate about – but she was suspended for it.

Anela Pritchard spoke to her class about everything that’s wrong with the school system – branding her teachers as “lazy” and condemned the teaching of “irrelevant information”.

To make sure her message got through, The New Zealand Herald reported that she emailed the speech to other school staff and she also posted her speech on her Facebook following her suspension.

The Year 10 student spoke passionately about the relationships between students and teachers, and the disconnect she felt some of her teachers have with teaching.

Her main message was that young people should be learning about the real world, not directing their focus to memorising the periodic table.

Here are the best quotes, scroll below to read the full Facebook post…

1. “I honestly used to love going to school. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made me happy to go to school, to meet friends, to learn things that I never knew. But the minute High School starts, it’s either you fly, or you fall. Now I strongly dislike it, and want nothing to do with it.”


2. “They believe you can do better than your best? If they wanted me to do better, wouldn’t they actually help me to understand?”

3. “Stressing myself over end of year exams, because if I fail, I have my parents on my back, asking me why I didn’t try hard enough, my teacher telling me I could have focused harder in class and my peers simply telling me that I’m stupid? Ridiculous.”

4. “We have all these teachers that don’t (sic) enjoy their jobs and are all angry about the cut backs in their paychecks. Making us feel like complete idiots and making us feel useless. Like it’s our fault that we don’t understand the work.”

5. “Like we are stupid and will never understand it…. Teachers are PAID to TEACH us.. not paid to hand out a piece of paper with words on it and sit around and do nothing!”

6. “I believe school should, instead, teach us more valuable information that we’ll actually need for our futures.”

7. “I’m not saying all teachers are bad, and I understand that us as students need to make an effort. But our teachers chose this career and need to try to cater for each individuals education.”

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