Todd Carney joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat all about his new book ‘Hard Truth’ and to discuss THAT bubbler incident.

You know, the one that involved a photo of the NRL player at a urinal with his stream pointed directly up towards his mouth…

Todd opened up about the incident on air with us this morning, speaking about how shocked he was that the photo not only made it into the press but that it ultimately cost him his career.

Five years on, Todd is ready to move on from the incident and is willing to have a it of a laugh about it, poking fun at the incident in the latest Sportsbet ad.

So Kyle decided to poke a bit of fun too and lighten up the mood during our chat with Todd this morning.


And he did so in the most Kyle way possible – by recreating the bubbler incident live on air.

Kyle recruited studio producer Shivering Adam as his test subject.

Of course, it wasn’t EXACTLY the same. In fact, you might call our version a bit of a piss-take, using a garbage bag to protect Shivering Adam’s clothes and a bottle of orange gatorade as the ugh, the stream.

At one point, Todd Carney himself actually got involved, grabbing the second bottle of gatorade and using it in unison with Kyle.

We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking… Check out our recreation in the video above!

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