This morning, Kyle and Jackie O had the two finalists in studio, and they were VERY careful not to give anything away.

What they didn’t know, is that we had a body language expert in studio who was carefully watching the girls’ every move, every smile, every eyelash flutter and came to some findings of his own.

After some careful consideration, he thinks Nikki is the winner, for several reasons. The first being that he was watching for ‘fake smiles’, which he believes Alex was doing whenever she was asked a question.

When Kyle asked a question about, erm… alleged ’troubles’ in the bedroom, Nikki’s eyes went straight to Alex, which could be mistaken for her looking to the rightful winner to jump in, which Alex did, saying she didn’t know, which Nikki them mirrored.


The other thing was Alex’s constant pursing of the lips, as well as her over-talking. Our body language expert believes that as she seems to be an emotional person, she’s trying to compensate for her loss by talking a lot, saying that it’s okay, to make herself feel better.

What do YOU think?

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